Mehr Entspannung mit diesen 4 einfachen Atemübungen

Relax more with these 4 simple breathing exercises

Do you sometimes feel stressed or nervous? Breathing exercises are an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety. Breathing exercises can have a calming effect that is like a hug for the body and mind.

Today’s blog post is about 4 simple breathing exercises that will help you relax or be less stressed. Read through this post now and apply one of these methods the next time you feel a pang of stress and nervousness.

Stress causes our breathing to become shallower. Shortness of breath or hyperventilation may occur as a result. Breathing is so frantic that we feel we are not getting enough oxygen.

Conscious breathing can help us to regain more inner peace. Below are 4 simple breathing exercises that can be quickly and easily integrated into everyday life.

Feel free to try the 4 suggestions in a quiet situation and see which exercise you feel most comfortable with. If you pay attention to your breathing, you will feel your tension release within a few minutes. Your body and mind – relax.

Relax more with these 4 simple breathing exercises

Exercise 1 The alternate breathing

With your index and middle finger of your right hand, close your left nostril.

Now inhale through the right nostril. When you have taken a deep breath, close the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. Now exhale through the left nostril. On the second breath, inhale through the left nostril. Then hold it closed and then exhale through the right nostril.

Alternate breathing has a relaxing effect and at the same time balances the two hemispheres of the brain. As a result, concentration is promoted.

Exercise 2 The deep abdominal breathing

If you want a short relaxation, relaxation exercises, If you need a short break or want to collect yourself, this exercise is particularly suitable. Sit with your back straight, alternatively you can lie down. Place your hands on your belly with your fingertips lightly touching.

Now breathe in and out as evenly and effortlessly as possible. Let the air flow first into the abdomen and then into the chest. This form of breathing causes your belly to bulge slightly outward and your fingers to move apart.

Exhale and release first your chest and then your belly. Your belly may move noticeably inward. When you have exhaled completely, breathe in again. It is important that you breathe in through your nose.

This breathing exercise increases the amount of air inhaled. As a result, your body is better supplied with oxygen, which causes relaxation. You may get a little dizzy at first. This happens due to the increased oxygen supply, but should quickly subside and normalize.

Exercise 3 Breathing for stress management / breath counting

Set your stopwatch to one minute. Breathe in your current rhythm and count your breaths. If you get to 20 breaths or more within that minute, you’re breathing too fast and too shallow.

This is a sign of increased stress levels and your body is not getting enough oxygen. You can actively counteract this. Set your timer to one minute again. Now breathe out slowly and completely. You don’t breathe in again until your body feels the need to want to breathe. You wanted to be well under 20 breaths now.

A relaxed breath is between 12 to 9 breaths per minute.

Breathing for stress management / breath counting

Exercise 4 the progressive muscle relaxation

You can also do this exercise with an upright seat. You breathe in slowly, tensing as many muscles as possible. Then hold your breath for a moment and exhale slowly. While doing this, you gradually relax all the muscles. You can repeat this process up to 5 times. Remain seated for a short time and consciously perceive your relaxation.

You can find a tutorial on PMR here.

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