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Developing stress management in daily life, recognizing limitations and being able to control them themselves again through their own values.

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Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

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You can’t always control stress. However, you can control how you react to it. That’s exactly what stress management is for! Stress is a part of life – but it doesn’t have to rule you.

With the right stress management methods, you’ll learn how to manage stress with targeted methods tailored to you. Stress can have harmful effects on your body.

For this reason, we will first look at how stress affects you. Once you’ve gained this insight, it’smuch easier to manage stress .

Are you already suffering from stress? When you are under pressure your body is in “fight or flight” mode. But to stay focused and productive, you need to learn to relax .

Stress management helps you stay calm and relax during and after stressful periods with relaxation techniques.

You don’t have to give up on your goals just because you feel stressed. For example, you can use cognitive strategies to learn to avoid thinking errors. 

This will help you  stay more calm under stress. Working together, you’ll gain the know-how tomanage stress and prevent burnout. So you can be successful in your work life, relationships, family life and hobbies

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Here's how coaching will help you get ahead


What triggers stress in you? How do you react to it emotionally and physically? Learn to recognize stress when it really occurs. Too often, stress is taken for granted. When you understand stress better, you can handle it better.

Stress Management

How do you deal with stress – what resources do you have? You’ll learn about stress skills that function as a warning system. When and what should you do about stress – you will be able to answer these questions.


When you control your breath, you control your stress level. Learn about relaxation, e.g. through breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation as well as EFT (emotional freedom technique).
With time, you can relax in a few moments.

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Manage stress and reduce burnout risk at the same time

"Rene is a fantastic coach. He took time to listen and understand the confusion I was going through, and then asked questions which helped me get clarity on my doubts. I admire his coaching style, of asking the right questions, rather than immediately jumping to answers. The sessions were very helpful to me. I would highly recommend Rene as a coach! Thanks"
Pratik R.
Mentor at Techstarts Foundation
About Rene

"If we want to live in peace, peace must come from within ourselves." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Hello, I am Rene, author, husband and stress and burnout coach from Einhausen, on the beautiful Bergstrasse.
I have a very clear goal for my clients: managing directors, executives and self-employed people should be able to minimize their stress level by structured and simple methods so that they can recognize the causes and avoid illnesses through preventive measures. That was not always the case with me:
A few years ago I was constantly stressed, always had too little time. Headaches, stomach aches, insomnia and listlessness were the result.
Today I rest deep within myself, am a mental coach as well as a stress and burnout coach and start exactly there so that others do not get into this vicious circle.
What’s your biggest bottleneck right now? What robs you of strength and energy?
If you want to find out, feel free to let’s talk.

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Frequently asked and important questions

Possible. It will probably take longer and you will have to endure more stress figuring it all out yourself.

If you’re highly motivated, analytically inclined, and love trying out new techniques and strategies on yourself to get ongoing feedback on what works and what doesn’t, you can handle the stress on your own.

If that doesn’t apply to you, a coach can be a way for you to shortcut pain and suffering and get right to the techniques that can work for you.

Yes, this is normal. The coaching process can be nerve-wracking. However, remember that this is a process that is outside of your normal and daily experience and therefore will feel foreign.

Every change begins with a first step, and coaching is no different.

Go into this uncertainty knowing that you are doing this to grow. You want to get to a point where stress and burnout are no longer an issue and your resilience and well-being increase.

Anyone suffering from stress can hire a stress management coach to get expert guidance and speed up the process of managing stress.

While the reasons to hire a stress coach vary from person to person, anyone from executives to the self-employed can hire a coach to manage and address stress.

If you are not 100% sure whether coaching is the right fit for you, I will be happy to advise you comprehensively in a free consultation.

Effective coaching can only happen when you find the right coach for your needs.

There is no magic formula for stress management; you may not have found the coach or approach that works for you yet. If you’ve used coaching in the past, I’d be happy to talk to you about it,
what didn’t work so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

We can also explore strategies for dealing with stress and decide if we are a good fit for each other.

If your coach knows his or her stuff, you should take as few sessions as possible without forgetting the importance of developing and maintaining new, positive habits.

An authentic coach has your best interests in mind, not his own.And a truly qualified coach has the techniques and strategies to get you out of stress and into calm as quickly as possible. A 90-day plan is a good time frame for the best results.

The goal and responsibility of an ethical stress coach is to give you the tools that lead to self-empowerment to ensure that you are able to self-manage your mental, emotional and physical health.
A coach can always be supportive, either passively or actively, as needed.

Your goal and that of your coach should be to develop your metacognition. (Developing an awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and the patterns that underlie them).

Suppose you are experiencing stress:
* on the way to work
* being late for work
* Stress at work
* when you think about stress
* or a negative event in your life
*if you get off work on time

…the goal of a stress coach is to help you eliminate stress…AND to use tools, techniques, strategies and exercises that will:

Making resilient to stress

A stress mentor can help you implement a stress prevention plan so that when you run into a normally stressful situation or day at work, your mind and body simply don’t react to the stressful situation.

You become resilient to stress.

An effective stress management professional will educate you on the following:

* How stress works,
* How it affects your physical and mental health.
and most importantly: what you can do every day to prevent, manage and treat stress….

…so that you build your resilience to stress and avoid its harmful effects.

You learn how to deal with stress.
Learning how to manage stress is just as important as learning the job you’re in or the business you have.
Because if you can’t do your job or your business because of stress, you increase the risk of being fired or that you won’t go full throttle in your business because you feel bad at work.

You’ll learn how to manage stress more effectively.
Remember that it is impossible to eliminate stress because there are literally thousands of different types of stressors.
Therefore, the goal is to learn how you can manage stress through accurate information and the application of effective and natural techniques, strategies, activities and exercises to reduce stress in your daily life.

The goal of working with a stress coach is positive change.
Your thoughts and feelings may change within a few minutes of using one or more stress management techniques, some may take a little longer.
As a result of stress coaching, you should feel calmer, more relaxed, more at ease, with more self-compassion, better emotion regulation, more rational, clearer, lighter, happier, more purposeful, able to accomplish your life goals, more in control, smiling more…. and enjoy life more in general.